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Hai Ki Aikido

Aikido for Children and Families

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The peaceful nature of aikido is wonderful for kids.


Aikido's non-combative approach to physical conflict is a powerful skill for children to learn. Kids minds are filled with images from movies, television and video games that lead them to believe that violence is the only useful reaction to violence. Aikido teaches that this is not true.


Through aikido, students learn that it is preferable to blend with and take control of violence. Once controlled, an attack can be safely redirected. There is no need to punch or kick in return. Simply move with the attack, using the energy of the attack to diffuse the violence.

Practicing aikido, students never initiate violence. They learn patience and calm, waiting until the moment it becomes necessary to move. Awareness and focus, too, are important skills as students learn to be ready for anything.


Because aikido is practiced with a partner, children learn valuable social skills. They learn to cooperate with their partner, helping them to learn aikido. Proper etiquette, too, is important in an aikido dojo.


The movements of aikido are natural and flowing. Through their practice, students gain grace and agility. Because balance and relaxed motion are so important in aikido, the skills students learn are valuable in the practice of any physical activity: dance, gymnastics or any sport.


Aikido is also a wonderful activity for parents and children to practice together. It helps kids feel powerful to have permission to (gently) throw their parents to the mat. And parents learn to be more peaceful, practicing the flow and redirection that is so important in peaceful parenting.
Please, have your child come and try a class. There is much to learn and much fun to be had. Come and join them on the mat and experience the joy of aikido.