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Aikido Basics in Videos

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Aikido Basics in Videos
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Here are explanations of basic aikido techniques in video form. All of these and more can be found on our Youtube channel.

Ukemi (Techniques for falling)
In aikido, falling without harm is a fundamental skill to be mastered. Learning aikido involves being thrown as well as throwing. More deeply, though, in aikido, we literally learn "to roll with it." This is aikido, the practice of uniting and flowing with the energy of the world.
     -forward rolls
Aiki Taiso (Aikido exercises)
The aiki taiso are exercises that contain the basic motions of aikido. Practicing the aiki taiso are akin to a musician practicing scales.
     -zengo undo (explanation)             
     -sayu undo (explanation)               -sayu undo (example)
Basic Eight
The basic eight are a series that contain a wide variety of aikido techniques. They are intentionally complicated and difficult. By knowing the basic eight, the student has a reference frame for learning aikido. These techniques serve as a gauge for students' progress. They are like a musician's etudes.
     Basic Eight 1        Basic Eight 2
     Basic Eight 3        Basic Eight 4
     Basic Eight 5        Basic Eight 6
     Basic Eight 7        Basic Eight 8

Ukemi (Techniques for falling safely)


Forward Roll                                                        Backward Roll




Roll Back (Koho tento undo)



Aiki Taiso (Aikido Exercises)


Fune Kogi Undo Explanation                                Fune Kogi Undo Used in a Technique




Shomen Uchi Undo Explanation                            Shomen Uchi Undo Used in a Technique




Zengo Undo Explanation                                      Happo Undo Explanation




Tekubi Kosa Undo Explanation                            Tekubi Kosa Undo in a Technigue




Tekubi Joho Kosa Undo Explanation                    Tekubi Joho Kosa Undo in a Technigue




Sayu Undo Explanation                                          Sayu Undo in a Technigue






Basic Eight Techniques




Basic Eight 1                                                        Basic Eight 2




Basic Eight 3                                                        Basic Eight 4




Basic Eight 5                                                        Basic Eight 6




Basic Eight 7                                                        Basic Eight 8