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Here you can meet Jerry Glassman Sensei, the founder of the HAI KI Aiki Center and Joel Lindstrom Sensei, the current head of the dojo.


Joel Lindstrom Sensei

A math and science teacher at Cottage Grove High School since 1999, Joel Lindstrom Sensei is an experienced educator. Also a long-time music teacher, he understands the varying needs of his students, adjusting his teaching techniques to match. Adept at explaining, he quickly gets his students “into the flow” of aikido. Supported by his years in the teaching in a public school, his aikido classes are well-organized, clearly focusing on one facet of aikido. He knows from experience that fun and hard work are excellent partners in any learning environment.


Lindstrom Sensei has studied aikido since 2002. Having earned the rank of nidan (second degree black belt) at the HAI Ki Aiki Center from Jerry Glassman Sensei, he has benefited greatly from Glassman’s extensive study under a variety of senseis including Ishisaka Sensei and Koichi Tohei Sensei. He has also studied with Jourdan Arenson Sensei, a student of Hans Goto Sensei and others, including Morihiro Saito Sensei.


Lindstrom Sensei has been teaching aikido at the HAI KI Aiki Center since 2008. He teaches aikido from the perspective of the five basic principles he learned from Glassman Sensei who, in turn, based his principles on those he learned from Tohei Sensei. The five basic principles are: move from center, be centered and on balance, extended mind-heavy body, mind leads body and relax completely. All aikido techniques must, besides being martially sound, embody these principles.


For Lindstrom Sensei, aikido is a positive non-violent martial art which has benefits that extend into every aspect of daily life. With two teen-age daughters, he feels his parenting has benefited greatly from having learned to flow with difficult situations. In his classroom, aikido helps him stay relaxed under the pressures of “six fifty minute randoris.” (A randori is a multiple person attack practiced in aikido.) Even in an act as simple as opening a door or using a saw, he uses the principles he practices in aikido.



Jerry Glassman Sensei

Founder of the Hai Ki Aiki Center

Jerry Glassman is no longer able to teach aikido. We miss him greatly. The HAI KI Aiki Center will continue to teach the wonderful style of aikido that Glassman Sensei learned in his 40+ years of practice.
Started Aikido training in January 1967 at TRW Aikido Club in Torrance, CA. Training was conducted by two elderly Japanese Senseis from Aikido of Los Angeles. Joined Aikido school in LaHabra, CA under Neal & Dawn McKenzie Senseis.

Enrolled in Orange County Aiki Kai (OCAK) in 1970, run by Harry Ishisaka Sensei. Studied with Ishisaka and Kapu Senseis and other instructors in dojo; Luis Martinez Sensei, Dan Kawakami Sensei, John Borges Sensei, and others. Attended class 5-6 days a week for over 10 years and became very attached to the Ishisaka-Kapu style, attitude and philosophy of Aikido and life.

Studied with Koichi Tohei Sensei in numerous seminars and classes during the early 1970s, when OCAK was affiliated with Ki Society. Attended summer class (3 hours per day, 5 days per week, ten weeks) taught by Tohei Sensei in 1975 at Cal State Fullerton.

My Aikido training included study with Koichi Tohei Sensei, Walter Muryasz Sensei, Jim Friesen Sensei, Jon Takagi Sensei, B.J. Carlyle Sensei, Frank McGoiurk Sensei, Doran Sensei, Saotome Sensei, Toyoda Sensei, Saito Sensei, Nishio Sensei, Chiba Sensei, Chinn Sensei and others. I attended classes and seminars whenever the opportunity presented itself. Others, with whom Ive studied on the mat for many years, are Henry Oshiro Sensei, Dan Kawakami Sensei, Stephen Siegel (Seagal) Sensei, James Nakayama Sensei, Gary Welborn Sensei, Han Do Sensei and many others. Taught very successful and well received aikido class at Braille Institute for the Blind, Anaheim, CA, 1984.

Received Shodan 1975 from Tohei Sensei, exam conducted by Rod Kobayashi Sensei, Harry Ishisaka Sensei and John Kapu Sensei.

Received Nidan, January 1981, by Orange County Aiki Kai, exam conducted in 1980 by Rod Kobayashi Sensei, John Kapu Sensei and Jim Friesen Sensei.

Received Sandan, from Fumio Toyoda Sensei, Aikido Association of America; exam conducted 1992, by Walter Muryasz Sensei, Jim Friesen Sensei, James Nakayama Sensei, Henry Oshiro Sensei, Han Do Sensei and Martin Katz Sensei.

Awarded Honorary Yondan, 1997, by Tustin Recreation Center for 10 years of positive contributions to the community and establishment of Tustin HAI KI Aikido program.

Invited to conduct Aikido seminar at Orange County Aiki Kai, August 2000, to celebrate over 30 years studying, teaching, and promoting Aikido instruction in Orange County and enlivening the childrens programs. Some of those present included Henry Oshiro Sensei, Orange County Aiki Kai, Walter Muryasz Sensei, Torrey Pines Aikikai, James Nakayama Sensei, Chushinkan Dojo. Accepted Honorary Godan.

Founded HAI KI Aiki Center to keep alive the life, spirit and Aikido of Harry Ishisaka and his many students.