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Hai Ki Aikido has closed. Joel Sensei and a number of his students are now practicing at Aikido of Eugene, 8th and Almaden, Best Martial Arts.

Aikido is a martial art for daily life.
Aikido is an amazing martial art. It works in any sort of confrontation: physical, mental and emotional.
The heart of aikido is harmonizing with conflict and redirecting it.
Aikido is effective in self defense, giving confidence in any conflict.
Aikido teaches relaxed motion, great for relieving stress.
Aikido emphasizes balance, improving performance in any sport.
 Aikido teaches methods for falling, a good skill to have at any time.
 We practice aikido with partners.
Aikido is great exercise.
Aikido is lots of fun and available for anyone.
It's a great activity for parents and children practice together.
Come try a few classes for free!

Dan deals with four attackers.
Dan deals with four attackers.

 The Five Principles of HAI KI Aikido
At our dojo, we base aikido on five principles. These principles are guidelines for helping us to learn. Aikido is not just set of techniques. It is a martial art through which we learn to balance our own mind and body and to be in balance and harmony with the world. These principles point us beyond technique to the core of aikido.

Below are videos with examples of each of the five principles.

Overview of the five principles

Be centered and on balance

Extended mind, heavy body

Relax completely

Mind leads body

Move from Your Center