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Hai Ki Aikido

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About Us
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Our background and philosophy.

Aikido is a martial art for daily life. Every day, as a husband, as a parent, as a teacher, as a member of my community, I encounter situations that are made easier, more peaceful, more harmonious because of my practice of aikido. Through aikido, I've learned to remain calm under stress, to move with and redirect conflict, to stay grounded and centered in the midst of the swirl of life.
A martial art should work for every conflict, not just for rare random violence. Aikido teaches that conflict demands resolution, not confrontation. Embedded in aikido's flowing techniques is a learnable metaphor for a peaceful way of resolving conflict.

Hai Ki Aikido's History

Hai, in Japanese, means yes. Hai is also used to point the proper path, way, or direction to a positive destination. Ki is universal life force or energy.

HAI KI Aiki Center was founded in 2001 by Jerry Glassman in honor of Harry "Aikido" Ishisaka (HAI), to celebrate the memory of a very special person and Jerry's primary aikido teacher. Ki was an essential ingredient of his teaching, so HAI KI has added significance for us. We teach with love, humility, and friendship, with emphasis on Ki, fun and non-aggression. We train with the attitude that all who want to learn deserve our instruction and help.
Here are a few rare videos of Ishisaka Sensei.  Notice how smoothly he moves and how he is always smiling.  Ishisaka said that in order to extend ki, you have to smile.


Ishisaka Sensei takes ukemi.                                     Ishisaka Sensei performs kokyu nages.




Ishisaka Sensei with multiple attackers.                      Ishisaka Sensei works with the jo.